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craig fruchtman

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Craig Fruchtman has burst onto the photography scene in NYC this past year with ferocity. Self taught with a fierce determination and passion to learn his craft, Craig has captured the NYC life in ways never before seen.


Born in NJ Craig has always had the creative bug in him that manifested in his life in many ways. As a child he spent a large part of his youth visiting NYC witnessing first hand the transformation of Times Square and the rest of city. Before photography Craig was a textile print manufacturer in NYC at his family owned business for 10 years. His career would take him to fashion art galleries around the world to select designs for fashion apparel. Actually many of you out there have bought and worn garments without knowing the design came from Craig’s design collection.


Craig also currently owns Craig’s Beds a top rated mattress store and brand in NYC. Feeling the pressure from large businesses Craig tapped into his creative spirit to create the ultimate conversation piece. The gummy bear bed, a fun whimsical fantastic project that made people smile while at the same time drawing attention to his brand and Alzheimers, his charity cause.


The Gummy Bear Bed Project took roughly 5 weeks to complete and made media around the world including Vice and Huffington Post. The last part of the project was a photo shoot of the mattress that had 26,000 gummy bears on it and that is where Craig became inspired to create images. Once the project was over Craig grew hungry to create once again and that was when he decided to take his first serious photograph.

He posted his work on instagram and quickly became one of NYC’s most popular photographers with is work appearing regularly on networks, like NBC, ABC, The Weather Channel and many of NYC’s most popular Instagram Hubs.

Craig used his knowledge of NYC and relationships to gain access to never before scenes and points of view of the heart of the city. Combining his knowledge of the city and design, Craig has been able to capture and translate incredible imagery with his unique tones and style.


He actually prints in house to control the quality of his images. He wasn’t satisfied with how printers were printing his work and invested in the latest print technology capable of printing images up to 44 inches wide. He was tutored in printing under the Master of Printing and photography Douglas Dubler.


Craig will take his thirst of photography around the world and you can follow him on his creative journey on Instagram and his website.

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Craig Fruchtman at his showroom in Manhattan, New York on Wednesday, March 4, 2015. (Artisan Image/Chris English)

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